Micro-Lot Coffees

Direct Trade coffee offers a unique way to enjoy local, small-batch coffee treasures from around the world without the need to travel. Small family farms, renowned by locals for their extraordinary coffee, often lack the resources to join large cooperatives and share their products globally. Direct Trade Coffees aim to bring these exceptional beans straight from the farm to your cup—untampered, unblended, and truly single-origin, preserving the unique characteristics of the local soil.

This system compensates coffee farmers based on the quality of their beans. The higher the quality, the more the farmer earns. This focus on rewarding quality over quantity not only motivates farmers to continuously enhance their crops but also provides them with the support needed to achieve this improvement.

Direct Trade pays up to 300% higher wages than Fair Trade, establishing a truly sustainable employment model. When you purchase Direct Trade coffee, you are directly contributing to the economic well-being of rural coffee-growing communities, helping to alleviate poverty in these regions.

Our Direct Trade Coffees are true gems, offering untampered, unblended, and single-origin experiences. Each cup reflects the hard work and dedication of small family farms and the distinct characteristics of their local environment.

By choosing Direct Trade coffee, you support farmers who are committed to producing high-quality beans and improving their livelihoods. Enjoy the rich, diverse flavors of these exceptional coffees and take pride in knowing you're making a positive impact.

Raise your cup to Direct Trade coffee—extraordinary flavors, ethical practices, and sustainable support for farmers around the world.