Darjeeling Tea Finest Tippy, 8 ounces
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Darjeeling Tea Finest Tippy, 8 ounces

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Are you ready to indulge in the finest black tea in the world? Look no further than our Darjeeling Tea, grown at elevations of 6,800 feet in the southern slopes of the Himalaya Mountain Range. Its unique combination of factors, including higher elevation and soil type, creates an exquisite bouquet and flavor that is almost wine-like in taste, with a distinctive Muscat grape character.

At Little Heifer Coffee, we take pride in offering the highest quality teas, and our Darjeeling Tea is no exception. Its light and beautiful body holds a flavorful surprise that your palate will love. Experience the precious qualities of Darjeeling Tea today, and discover why it is considered among the finest in the world.