Masala Chai Tea, 8oz
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Masala Chai Tea, 8oz

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Experience the rich and aromatic Masala Chai Tea, made with the finest Broken Pekoe-grade black tea from India and Kenya, and infused with a blend of South Indian masala spices. The result is a full-bodied tea with a lively ginger finish and prominent notes of cardamom. Simply add a touch of milk and sugar to enhance the flavors, and indulge in one of the best Chai Teas you'll ever taste!

Discover the history behind the tea's origin city, Chochin, a place with a cosmopolitan flair influenced by the rule of different groups, including the famous Kublai Khan, and the European influence of the Portuguese and Dutch. This unique blend of cultures is reflected in the diverse flavors of Masala Chai Tea.