Organic Guatamala 'Santiago Atitlan' Fair Trade Coffee
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Organic Guatamala 'Santiago Atitlan' Fair Trade Coffee

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Surrounded by mountains and three volcanoes, this coffee plantation is nestled next to the picturesque Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Cultivated at high altitudes and nourished without man-made chemicals, this organic coffee offers a medium to heavy body, complex flavor, and enchanting aroma.

Exceptional Growing Conditions
Shade-Grown: Cultivated under the protective canopy of trees.
Natural Protection: Safeguarded by migratory birds.
Slow Growth: Encouraged by the environment for bold, rich flavors.

Meticulous Processing
Hand-Selected: Beans are carefully chosen by hand.
Wet Processed and Sun Dried: Ensuring the highest quality.

Flavor Profile
Body: Smooth and robust
Flavor: Complex and bold
Aroma: Enchanting

This delightful gourmet coffee brews into a remarkable cup every time, offering a smooth and robust flavor that is perfect for any time of day. Experience the exceptional taste and quality of Organic Guatemalan coffee and savor the goodness in every sip.