Organic Peru Decaf 'Swiss Water' Coffee
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Organic Peru Decaf 'Swiss Water' Coffee

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This organic coffee is perfect for those seeking organically grown coffee without the effects of caffeine. Cultivated using environmentally friendly practices, each coffee tree is grown without man-made pesticides or fertilizers.

Decaffeination Process

The coffee beans are hand-selected and harvested, then decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Method. This method involves rinsing and washing the beans without artificial compounds or chemicals, ensuring a pure and natural coffee experience.

Flavor Profile

  • Roast: Medium
  • Body: Well-balanced and full-bodied
  • Finish: Clean, with no bitter aftertaste

Enjoy Organic Perfection

Each brew delivers a clean and flavorful cup, well-balanced and full-bodied, with no bitter aftertaste. This coffee is perfect in every sense, providing a flawless and satisfying coffee experience. Enjoy the pure taste of organic decaf coffee, knowing it's crafted with care and respect for the environment.