Organic Sumatra 'Black Satin' Coffee
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Organic Sumatra 'Black Satin' Coffee

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Our Sumatra 'Black Satin' has long been a favorite among our customers, and now we're thrilled to offer you its organic counterpart. Grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides, this organic version retains all the qualities that make it a top-selling gourmet coffee.

Just like its non-organic counterpart, this coffee boasts a dark roast profile with a smooth, velvety feel. Its natural, earthy body is complemented by a delicate black pepper finish, offering a unique and satisfying flavor experience.

Cultivated in the Lake Toba Region of Sumatra, this Indonesian coffee is a dark roasted varietal of Jember Typica. It's known for its intense flavors, slightly smoky and earthy, with a peppery finish. Despite its bold character, this heavy-bodied Organic Sumatra 'Black Satin' resonates with complexity, offering a nuanced taste that's sure to impress.