Ground Coffee

At Little Heifer Coffee, we understand the benefits of blending coffee. By combining multiple coffee varieties, we can achieve flavors, textures, and characteristics that are unattainable through single-origin coffee. Blending opens the door to new tastes, aromas, and finishes, allowing you to experience a coffee adventure like no other.

Our mission is to offer our customers continuity and consistency with our distinctive flavors, and we take pride in providing something special for everyone. No matter your price range, taste preferences, preferred times of day, or countries of origin, we have a blend that suits your needs.

Here's how we do it: our cuppers evaluate each gourmet coffee to determine its best characteristics, such as spicy flavors or complexity. Then, our expert roasters combine it with another coffee that will enhance those traits, such as a creamy and rich bean with a long finish. This meticulous process results in superior blends that cannot be obtained from a single origin.